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Mission Critical Systems


Over the past twenty years marine systems have changed from manual control or basic control systems to sophisticated microprocessor. We have been able to push the envelopes of engineering and be more efficient. In short, go deeper, go faster, higher loads.


This fundamental shift means that equipment today is highly specialized and the success of the Industrial Mission is defined by this critical equipment.

Many of the skills that are used in DP Assurance can be applied to Industrial Mission Equipment (IME) to manage and  understand the risk of failure in advance. 

We have experience  of designing hazardous area integrated control systems using PLC based microprocessors for Oil and Gas applications. We offer an assurance ability to integrate the technical design to the practicalities of the process onboard and those operating it.

We have experience of the following IME assurance:

  • Jacking Systems on MODUs

  • Pipe Tensioning Systems

  • Friction Clamp Arrangements

  • Abandon and Recovery Winches

  • Hydraulic Systems

  • Ballast Systems

  • Bow Loading Systems

  • Cranes

  • Winch Tensioning Systems

  • Load Cells

  • Identifying key spare requirements.


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