Dynamic Positioning Continuous Professional Development

The CPD is delivered on-line and can be taken from any device, PC or mobile provided by the candidate.

For  $250 each DP CPD candidate receives

  • an initial on-line assessment

  • a detailed report on performance areas that identifies areas of strength and weakness.

  •  second assessment after a period of self-study

  • a Nautical Institute CPD recognised certificate

 Each test is unique, created randomly within subject matter groups,  from a database of several hundred questions extends covering IMO, IMCA, MTC regulations and guidelines as well as published industry safety alerts.

The assessment takes between 20 and 60 minutes and is time constrained ensuring a high level of integrity robustness. We can also provide online invigilation tool for those who want an extra level of integrity.




Use our DP CPD package to support

your annual appraisal system. The interim report will guide your staff to self study and improvements can

be demonstrated in the final assessment.


Analyse your results over one vessel or the whole fleet and TARGET training where it is most needed.


Use the DP CPD assessment as past of your recruitment process and employ the best!

Due Diligence

Prove your commitment to ensuring crew competence to clients, flag and classification societies.





Always supportive - never gotcha!

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For individuals please CLICK HERE to enrol and pay on-line. For companies wishing to allocate multiple candidates or for a free on-line demonstration please email



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The keelson ties the floors together, adding strength and rigidity to the frames.
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