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Professional Development

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From the 1st January 2024 every DP officer with 150 days sea time revalidating their DPO or DPVM certificates will have to:

  1. Have evidence of engagement with a DP CPD programme

  2. Take a nautical Institute online exam.

Where a DP officer does not have evidence of engagement with a DP CPD programme then a full Nautical Institute DP refresher and competency assessment course must be taken before certificate can be revalidated.

At Keelson we believe that CPD is the ISM of crew competence. That is, we think the provision of CPD should rest with the company. A such our DP CPD programme is primarily aimed at companies investing in the process for their DP personnel and includes live BI reporting interfaces and bespoke packages. Individual DP practitioners can however enrol independently of their employer (click here)

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To get your certificate you must improve your CPD delta. This means you must move your personal DP CPD dials in a positive direction.


How it works:


1take an initial base line assessment. Take this ASAP after enrolment. No need to study - trust your training and experience.


2. get a detailed report on performance areas that identifies areas of strength and weakness.

4. take a second assessment after a period of self-study - see your improvement - see your CPD!

5. To get your certificate you must improve your CPD delta. This means you must move your personal DP CPD dials in a positive direction.

6. ​If you don’t manage to move some of your move your personal DP CPD dials in a positive direction on your second attempt you have ONE more attempt (Note you  MUST do this within the eight week CPD window)

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3. study - use the personalised report, the DP Primer and the APP. Focus ONLY on the areas you got wrong. Use the DP App with links to industry documents and expert analysis and our DP Primer. No more than approximately EIGHT HOURS FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!


Each  assessment:

  • is differentiated for role and rank onboard. This means that a Master gets different question than the Chief Engineer and harder questions than a DPO

  • is unique, created randomly within subject matter groups,  from a database of several hundred questions

  • directly linked to a line item in a published pice of industry regulation or guidance from then IMO, IMCA, and MTS.

  • takes about 60 minutes 


NEW - MAY 2023

We now have a technical solution in place whereby the NI Alexis system is updated every time we issue a certificate that can be used for NI DPO certificate revalidation. This makes revalidating your NI DPO or DPVM much simpler for you.


The only information the NI get is:


  • Nautical Institute DPO / DPVM number

  • Keelson CPD certificate issue date

  • CPD cycle year (1 - 5 as per annex K)


NOTE: - No scores, no company data, no names, or emails of the candidates is transferred.



  • AppraisalsnUse our DP CPD package to support your annual appraisal system. The interim report will guide your staff to self study and improvements can be demonstrated in the final assessment.

  • Training Analyse your results over one vessel or the whole fleet and TARGET training where it is most needed.

  • Recruitment Use the DP CPD assessment as part of your recruitment process and employ the best!

  • Due Diligence Prove your commitment to ensuring crew competence to clients, flag and classification societies.


* We often get asked "how long will it take?". The educational answer is, of course, never stop learningIndeed, the ISM answer is never stop challenging and learning. But seafarers are practical people; practical and busy people, so a practical answer is deserved. The Nautical Institute's new CPD requirements in Annex K will negate the need for a full revalidation course every five years. The NI's standard for the revalidation course states 'not less than 34 hours'. Logic would then suggest that a NI approved CPD programme should not be less that 34 hours spread over five years. This equates to not less than 7 hours a year. In Keelson's DP CPD program two online assessments are taken each lasting an hour. This leaves approximately not less than five hours of study every year. But what to study in those five hours? Here's the clever bit! Because we start with a base line assessment you only need study the areas you got wrong. We normally set the DP CPD 'window' for eight weeks. You take the base line assessment as soon as you are enrolled. Then you look at your report, see where you need to be reminded of  things, engage with the learning materials and DP app, and then log back in to take another assessment to see how much you have improved. Job done! We use eight weeks as a traditional offshore hitch cycle as we believe this should be done onboard; but we can work with companies and adjust this to suit fleet and project schedules if necessary.


Remember, we should NEVER STOP learning and challenging, but practical solutions must be offered to practical people.

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