Dynamic Positioning


With a decade's worth of experience in DP Assurance we can provide a full suite of DP Services from practical on site support and guidance to DP Documentation.

  • DP FMEA & Updates

  • DP Proving & Annual Trials

  • Document Review

  • DP Operations Manual

  • Gap Analysis

  • Activity guidance documents such as ASOG, CAM, TAM,TAGOS etc.

  • Crew Training

  • Re-activation support, either re-start planning or site attendance. With our mix of Mariners, Marine Engineering experience and Marine Electrical and Electronics specialists, all practiced on site, we bring an experienced and balanced skill set to this challenging process.

Our team is committed to promoting uptime. We do not see ourselves as DP Auditors - we are DP Facilitators.

Keelson (n) definition: a longitudinal timber mounted atop the floor timbers and secured with bolts that penetrate into the keel.
The keelson ties the floors together, adding strength and rigidity to the frames.
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