With our highly experienced API RP 2C & 2D Crane Inspectors we can look after all your crane and crane operation needs. 

During 2018 and 2019 we have conducted:

  • Crane assurance for a major project in the Eastern Mediteranean

  • Crane inspections

  • Developed and reviewed lifting plans.

  • Consulting services in connection with complex tandem lifts.

  • Formal certified training in a shipyard, on vessels and on a landbased facility. This has included:-

    • Rigging & Rigger Inspector​

    • Crane Operator  (Mechanical Crane, Electrical Crane, Hydraulic Crane, Knuckle Boom, Rough Terrain, Overhead Hoist and Crawler Crane)

    • Crane Inspector Training

    • Forklift Training

    • Aerial Manlift Training


In addition, we can also provide:-


  • Crane Technician Training Services (Mech., Hyd., Elect.)

  • Practical support and advice.


Crane inspection at the port of Houston and our VR crane being operated on a Jack Up to offload containers from an OSV.

Keelson (n) definition: a longitudinal timber mounted atop the floor timbers and secured with bolts that penetrate into the keel.
The keelson ties the floors together, adding strength and rigidity to the frames.
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