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Keelson invests in new technology, new ideas and different ways to do things, we will think out of the box and innovate!


With a decade's worth of experience in DP Assurance we can provide a full suite of DP Services from practical on site support and guidance to DP Documentation.


With our highly experienced API RP 2C & 2D Crane Inspectors we can look after all your crane and crane operation needs. 


We are very proud to be able to say that the first work instruction Keelson received was expert witness work. It reflects the quality we have and the trust the most rigorous of professions has in our services.


We offer a number of Vessel Inspection services


We have experience  of designing hazardous area integrated control systems using PLC based microprocessors for Oil and Gas applications. We offer an assurance ability to integrate the technical design to the practicalities of the process onboard and those operating it.


As well as attending to desktop and legal based work we are vastly experienced in jacking trials, attendance at build phases and general marine inspections. 


Click here to see the range of documentation we produce in addition to DP and FEM(C)A.


We have experience of conducting Incident Investigations on vessels and equipment for a range of Clients including P & I entities.

Since establishing the business in April 2017 we have successfully completed the following :-

  • Authored DP FMEA including DP3 MODU 

  • Prepared Proving and Annual DP Trials

  • Attended DP Annual Trials

  • Advised on re-activation services

  • Crane Sevices including assurance, training, consulting and more.

  • Performed as Expert Witness in connection with personal injury, DP incident and jacking systems

  • Conducted vessel inspections such as on / off hire, OVID, general condition

  • Incident investigation involving a high speed collision of a crew transfer vessel with oilfield object

  • Pre-purchase surveys on a range of merchant and oilfield vessels.

  • Corporate manuals

  • ASOG development for projects

  • Authoring of FMECA for Mission Critical Equipment

  • and more ..

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