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Dynamic Positioning CPD Frequently Asked Questions



  • Is Keelson's CPD valid for Nautical Institute DPO or DPVM revalidation?

    • YES! If your Nautical Institute DPO or DPVM certificate is ​due for renewal in 2024 you can take this CPD now and you will have your YEAR ONE CPD certificate to send to the NI next year.

    • If you are due for renewal in 2025 and beyond you still need to do CPD NOW! For those renewing in 2025 you will need to submit TWO YEARS of CPD certificate.

  • Can I ask my company to pay?

    • YES! We believe that CPD is the ISM of crew competence. We do enroll individual DPOs and DPVMs but we primarily work with companies to provide bespoke CPD for their crews.​

    • Get your training or crewing manager to email us at to discuss options.

The Program


  • What is DP CPD?

    • Dynamic Positioning Continuous Professional Development The ISM of crew training - find out what you don't know and fill in the gaps.

  • What is Keelson's DP CPD?

    •  Accredited by the Nautical Institute and aligned to IMCA M117 and MTS PDDP2

  • How long will it take?

    • About 7 hours

    • Keelson's DP CPD program is valid for one year and takes approximately 8 weeks. There are two assessments that take 60 minutes each.

  • How does the DP CPD program work? 

    • The program consists of two online assessments with a 4-6 week period of guided self study in between. Self study is done at your own convenience.

Logging On

  • Where do I log on? 

    • Access on your browser to log on NOTE: this NOT the Keelson App from the App Store/Google Play

  • Where do I find my log in details? 

  • I cannot find my email from TestReach? 

  • Why have I been asked to add +1 before the @ sign in my email address to log on? 

    • Occasionally candidates are asked to add +1 to their email address to access the DP CPD. This is because some candidates already have a TestReach account, most probably through the Nautical Institute. Adding the +1 ensures you are taken to your DP CPD assessments. 


Getting Started


  • Can I use my mobile phone or tablet?

    •  NO! You CANNOT access your DP CPD from a mobile device. You MUST use a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Do I need an internet connection? 

    • YES! You need a steady connection of 500kbs for an hour and a half. Choose a time when you and the vessel are not busy. If your vessel does not have this capability please email

  • I have logged on but cannot see my assessment ? 

  • How long does the assessment take? 

    • You have 60 minutes to answer 40 multiple choice questions.



The Assessment


  • What if I am interrupted? 

    • If the assessment is incomplete you will have to re-take it ALL. You cannot leave and then restart or continue the assessment. Make sure you have time and space before you start.

  • What if I am called away urgently and cannot complete the assessment in 60 minutes? 

  • How long before I get the results? 

    • Your first report will be emailed within 48 hours of completing the first assessment.

  • What is the pass mark?

    • There is NO PASS MARK! CPD is about expanding your knowledge. The questions are deliberately HARD to test and stretch you.



The Report


  • What if I did not get, or cannot find, my first report? 

  • What does the report show? 

    • Your report is mapped against IMCA M117 and MTS PDDP 2 and will indicate areas of strength and weakness.

  • How do I self study for 4-6 weeks? 

    • You are not expected to move all the dials in one go. Take your time, work as your schedule allows. 15-20 minutes at a time is enough. Talk to your crew mates!

  • How do I use my report to guide my self study? 

    • Pick one or two areas that need improving, areas that interest you, or are pertinent to your role. Explore the documents and expand your knowledge.

  • Where do I find the documents?

    • Go to the App Store or Google Play and download the FREE Keelson app 'Dynamic Positioning' NOTE: Your company will provide IMCA documents.


Final Assessment and Certificate


  • Why do I have to take the assessment again? 

    • After your self study you can demonstrate that you have engaged with the appropriate documents and have improved your knowledge.

  • Do I log in just as before? 

    • YES! Go to and use the same email and password as before.

  • Will I get the same questions? 

    • NO! The system will randomly select different, but similar, questions. 

  • How long before I get the results? 

    • Your final report and certificate will be emailed in 48 hours of completing the second assessment.

  • How long is the certificate valid for? 

    • 1 Year Then you start the cycle again. A true ISM cycle of competence improvement!

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