Dynamic Positioning Toolbox Training 

Our ToolBox Training packages are designed to suit busy offshore 

schedules. Lasting no more than 30 minutes they fit into existing drills and training matrices. 

 Compact, concise, and compatible with busy offshore operations these tool box style packages will give you the confidence to train and support your crew on DP operations. 

Companies are all too aware of their commercial responsibility of exercising due diligence when recruiting and training their on-board personnel. Keelson’s Toolbox Training facilitate this using:

  • Accurate and stimulating video

  • Participant booklets that can be presented as evidence of meaningful on-board training during flag, class, or client audit.

  • A delivery guide with step-by-step instructions to support on-board senior personnel or shore-based staff deliver an engaging training session for learning that lasts.


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Keelson (n) definition: a longitudinal timber mounted atop the floor timbers and secured with bolts that penetrate into the keel.
The keelson ties the floors together, adding strength and rigidity to the frames.
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